Online Learning

All encompassing. All online.

Your thirst for knowledge won’t be denied. That’s why our online programs are designed to empower your creative education by delivering an experience that is both comprehensive and convenient. It’s an experience you’ll share with equally talented students whose passion and perspectives mirror your own. And throughout, you’ll be guided by the real-world mentorship of talented instructors. We can help you elevate your talent and get ready to pursue a creative career.

Support and guidance at every turn

Our faculty and staff undergo extensive training to make your online education experience a successful one, from selecting courses to financial guidance. Every step of the way, you’ll find the support and guidance you need to help you to reach your ultimate goal of pursuing the creative career you’re destined for.

Admissions Representative

Your first contact will be an Admissions Representative who will answer your initial questions, guide you through the admissions application, help you develop a personalized student success plan, and assist you with online orientation and your first course.

Student Finance Counselor

A Student Finance Counselor will walk you through the options available for paying for your education, assist with your required financial paperwork, and answer your questions about tuition, scholarships, finances, and more.

Academic Counselor

When you have questions about your program, need help creating a study plan, or want advice on how to balance your busy schedule, you can turn to your Academic Counselor. Academic Counselors work diligently to make your academic experience the best that it can be, from your first course through to graduation.

Course delivery and teaching modes

Online education at Central Florida Institute of Technology refers to learning through courses that deliver 100% of instruction online using distance technologies. Below is a summary of course delivery methods.

Delivery Mode

What percentage of the course is delivered online?

  • Fully online: 100% of scheduled class time is online.

Interaction Mode

When do the instructor and students interact?

  • Synchronous: All students join the instructor for online class meetings at a set time from different locations. Courses are often delivered through teleconferencing tools like Google Hangouts. In some courses, the instructor shares recordings of the online meetings with the students for future viewing.
  • Asynchronous: Instructors make the class instruction available online for the students to access at any time from any location. Courses are typically accessible via Moodle. Students generally must adhere to an established schedule of due dates.