About CFIT

Central Florida Institute of Technology is a provider of continuing education for individuals who desire to partake in non-degree professional development and personal enrichment courses offered in many fields.The personal enrichment courses offered will open a world of opportunities for you. Specifically designed with the adult learner in mind, our courses are informative, inspiring and fun. We offer a variety of industry-leading courses delivered through our simple and intuitive user interface, leading to an exceptional continuing education experience.

Our Philosophy

The acquirement of knowledge is essential to the survival of mankind, but individual survival is not reliant on the same knowledge. ®

A Unique History in Higher Education

Central Florida Institute of Technology (CFIT) has been different since the very beginning.  The school was founded in 2005 as an institute of higher education by United States Air Force veteran Colin A. Harris. The establishment of CFIT is by large influenced by the rampant inflation in the cost of tuition at all levels of American higher education, specifically in the privately-owned and for-profit schools.  Mr. Harris’ driving goal was to break the mold of traditional film schools in the United States and come out on the other side with something new, something innovative: something that harnesses technology to teach in new ways, focuses on measuring learning rather than time, and provides more Americans the opportunity to build their careers and better their lives by finally finishing that bachelor’s or master’s degree they need to achieve their goals.

At the Heart of it All, Our Mission:

Recognizing that students are the primary reason that Central Florida Institute of Technology exists, we seek to provide excellent, accessible, affordable and comprehensive learning experiences. The principal mission is to provide educational enrichment and professional development of adult learner with an emphasis on those areas underrepresented in post-secondary education. CFIT meets students where they are — independent of time or geographical location. CFIT will provide a means for individuals to earn affordable competency-based degrees, diplomas, certificates and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.

Our Vision

Vision One: National Distinction – Central Florida Institute of Technology will be an institution of distinction known for outstanding programs and for the educational experience it provides its students.

Vision Two: Learning – CFIT will be an institution that places the teaching-learning process at the core of our existence and seeks to improve student success. We will access student learning, hold ourselves accountable for learning outcomes, and invest in resources to improve student learning outcomes. We will use learning-focused methods that actively engage students and will seek to help students understand that they are an integral part of the teaching-learning process. We will provide learning environments, both in and out of the classroom, that meet student learning needs and encourage student success.

Vision Three: Growth – CFIT will seek to grow strategically in areas that increase our impact on the communities we serve. We will increase program offerings and enrollments in career/technical programs and at the Associate’s Degree level. We will increase the proportion of students we enroll from the communities we serve.

Vision Four: Opportunity – CFIT will be the gateway to higher education opportunity for students in areas we serve. We will provide educational opportunities at varying times and through alternative delivery methods that maximize the opportunity to earn an education. We will seek efficiency and quality while maintaining an affordable tuition level.

Our Values

We value; Academic Excellence: Central Florida Institute of Technology is an educational institution that values excellence in teaching, creative production, and service that transcends the classroom with immediate benefit to students and the campus community and with enduring benefits for students and the world.

Ethics: We hold all members of our community to the highest ethical standards of professional and academic conduct.

Entrepreneurship: CFIT’s distinctive combination of strong academic programs and emphasis on collaborative and interdisciplinary study yields positive experiences for students and faculty to succeed in entrepreneurial initiatives and opportunities.

Success: We will help students succeed in their academic endeavors by assuring a stimulating, supportive, and safe learning environment. We will encourage students to recognize their responsibility to participate fully in their own educational success and to contribute to the quality of all aspects of campus life.

Creativity: We will encourage innovation and creativity in ourselves and our students to accomplish our objectives. Quality Teaching: We will promote teaching excellence. We will strive to maintain predominantly small classes taught by dedicated and accessible faculty.

Our Colors

The official Central Florida Institute of Technology colors are gold and crimson. These are the primary colors for use on all cFit-administered facilities and should be dominant in any and all marketing materials.

cFIT Gold

cFIT Crimson